Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quote the Character

In Summer Enrichment we are working with students to give them a jump start on the upcoming school year.  We do this by previewing key concepts in ELA and Math.  We've been identifying and defining literary elements and we know that good readers can use them to better understand the story.  This week our focus literary element was characters.  The target skill was to "identify the characters in a story to better understand the text."  So I decided we could use the story as a reference and find where the character was speaking and then directly quote the character - AND when they ran out of direct quotes, they could infer what the character might have said, still use the quote bubbles, just no quotation marks.  I printed out pictures of the characters with their names underneath and quote bubbles.

PS: The kids thought is was fun and they really had fun making inference statements!

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