Sunday, September 2, 2012

Castle Themed Graphics

I've been working on some castle themed graphics for a TpT request...let me know what you think!

Reading Comprehension Target Skill Posters

I've been having some fun creating some Reading Comprehension Target Skill Posters.  They  clearly identify target skills and define them in student friendly terms. Use these bright and colorful posters will encourage students to improve reading comprehension and understanding of comprehension strategies through the use of target skills.

Reading Comprehension Target Skill Posters includes:
- 11 Target Skill Posters with corresponding definitions

- Author's Purpose
- Cause and Effect
- Main Idea and Details (separate boards)
- Realism or Fantasy
- Sequence
- Setting
- Summarize
- Theme 
- Vocabulary
- Character

* These are also great to post on your focus wall or standards wall. Students will be able to identify the objective related to the common core related standard in their own words.

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Reading Comprehension Target Skill Posters