Thursday, July 26, 2012

Behavior Point Cards

I've used a behavior card for several students to monitor behavior areas that need some extra help.  The students really seem to buy into the point card when they own it.  When creating the point card I meet with the student to discuss and identify the behavior areas we want to work on and then we create it together on the computer.  They pick the color paper we will print it out on, we discuss the daily/weekly incentive and we talk about how to set a daily goal.

Once in place, "Point Card" becomes part of the student's morning routine.  I quickly meet with   student and we talk about the daily goal (sometimes we have to do a little bargaining).  

I just uploaded the point card and note home to my TPT store.  

Get your student behavior point card and note to send home here!

PS: The "daily goal meeting" also gives me a good idea of what kind of day this student is going to have and we can sometimes refocus and reset right then and there and make it a really good day for everyone!

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